Win a Mother's Day Gift for Mom

Everyone would love to give their Mom the absolute best present ever, but sometimes that is just too expensive. This year, we're giving YOU the opportunity to win a Mother's Day gift for Mom! How fun is that?!

Here's how to win:

Step 1: Create Your Entry


Make a video explaining why you think your Mom deserves a $100 gift card to Buy Blue Steel for Mother's day. If you're not a video person, you can post a picture and explain why she deserves the gift card in the caption.

Step 2: Leave a Link


Once you've created your post (video or picture) we want to see it! Leave a link to your profile by commenting your @profilename for Instagram users/profile link for Facebook, in our comments so we can find your post. If that is too much for you, or you'd like to remain private, you can message us your contest entry on Facebook!

3. Read next week's blog to find out who wins!


Good luck to all those who participate, we can't wait to see your contest entries! 

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  • Trevor Owens

    I entered on Instagram @to_dollasign. I hope I win!

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