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How To Stack Rings With Style

How To Stack Rings With Style

Here at Buy Blue Steel, we like to make sure that all of our customers know how to style and wear our specific pieces. One specific trend, that happens to be one of our favorites, is stacking your rings! You've probably seen a lot of people do it, but might not know which pieces to buy, or how to do it. Well, we're here to give you the breakdown on this trend so you can add some sparkle to your style with different pieces. 


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Ok, now back to stacking rings. When you're thinking about stacking rings, there are three different types of rings to buy: 

     1. Pre-stacked: these rings come stacked and may actually be one ring.

     2. Bundles: some rings may come in bundles of two or more and are meant to be worn together.

     3. Stack yourself: these rings are usually slim bands that can be worn in addition to any of your favorite rings. 



How do you style them? We've found some great examples from these sources on Pinterest! Each example shows you a different way to do it. You can wear all of your stackable rings on one finger, wear them in groups of three, spread your set of stackable rings on three fingers, or wear one small ring on every finger. Do whatever feels more comfortable to you! 




Now, let's get to the shopping. We've created a great selection of each type of ring that you can shop right here on our blog! We hope you like our selections, and if you'd like to see another ring or jewelry trend explained, go ahead and leave a comment!




Posted by Kelli Miller on May 12,2016
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