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 Learn All You Need To Know About Tungsten In Less Than 4 Minutes!

Gold, Silver, and Tungsten rings all have their own advantages, though the Tungsten rings have a bit more to boast than the others...

When picking out your wedding rings or giving a special gift, there are a few reasons to choose Tungsten rings over Gold and Silver.

Five of them are listed with the information you need so that you can make the best choice before buying. You will soon understand why the Tungsten rings are the superior choice and then you can purchase the best wedding bands or most impressive gift to that special someone.

The cost of Tungsten rings would be considered an excellent incentive because other than stainless steel, it is likely to be the least expensive. Many folks have to watch their money these days so it is a big point to make in deciding. The stainless steel and Tungsten carbide are both very affordable and both would make a very good choice for a gift or wedding bands. The price is just the beginning benefit and there are several others. By using all of the listed factors, you can come to a decision based upon the best qualities for your purpose.

Durability and longevity are important things to factor into your decision. The durability of the ring depends upon how much pressure that the ring will take without becoming damaged. Gold is a soft metal and has less durability than the other choices. Titanium can almost match the tungsten rings, but not quite, as it is not as hard as the Tungsten carbide material. The weight of the metal and hardness should count in your decision. Tungsten carbide is the heaviest of the materials and also the hardest.

Hardness is rated on the Moh’s scale by numbers from 1 – 10 which are used by jewelers to compare the durability. Tungsten has the best rating of 8.9 – 9, which means that it is extremely hard. Stainless steel is a good hard metal too, but it just has a hardness rating of 6 and that makes the Tungsten superior. Titanium is rated 6 also and the gold has the lowest rating with white gold coming in at a 3. Tungsten is, by far, the hardest material for your ring or jewelry piece.

Ductility is a factor to consider and it tells whether or not the metal has the ability to mold or bend when it is under pressure. Tungsten carbide rings will NEVER bend out of shape because it is less ductile than others. Gold will loose its shape over time and titanium will, too. The Tungsten ring will retain its exact shape no matter how much usage and wear. Ductility and durability go hand in hand when choosing the ring to buy. It makes sense in buying a ring to pick the one that will withstand pressure without bending out of shape. The Tungsten carbide is safer, in that case, because it will shatter off of a finger instead of getting mangled and possibly embedded into the skin.

The beautiful shine and exquisite appearance of the Tungsten is the top reason that most people choose it for their wedding bands. “Permanently polished” is the description that jewelers have given Tungsten rings and that makes a very good reason to choose the metal over the other types. Gold and Silver can fade and loose its shine after wearing it over time, but the Tungsten carbide will never loose the brilliance. It remains as shiny as the day that you purchased it with a little soapy water and soft cloth cleaning. There’s no need to use harsh cleaners or polish, you can simply wipe them clean. You can even wear the ring for everyday activities and it will still retain its original luster.

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