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Cleaning Your Jewelry

Cleaning Your Jewelry

From pendants to wedding rings, stainless-steel jewelry has a lot going for it. It's handsome--it resembles platinum, but it's much stronger and less expensive. It's not prone to rust or tarnish, and it's easy to clean. Here's how to keep stainless-steel jewelry looking its best.

    Keep your stainless-steel jewelry free of dust and dirt. With a soft cloth, gently rub on a little warm, soapy water (dish-washing detergent is fine). Follow the grain of the stainless steel to avoid scratches. Next, apply plain warm water with a cloth, or dip your piece in the water. Gently wipe dry with another soft cloth.

      To clean grimier stainless-steel pieces, use a soft cloth to apply toothpaste--again following the grain of the steel. You want plain white toothpaste that doesn't contain silica. Use a soft toothbrush to reach any etched areas. Afterward, apply plain warm water with a cloth, or dip your piece in the water. You may need to use a clean toothbrush to remove remaining toothpaste. Gently wipe dry with another soft cloth.

      Polish your jewelry with a nontoxic stainless steel polish or polishing cloth--both are available in jewelry stores and online. Avoid abrasive cleaners that can scratch the surface.

      Tips & Warnings

      • Some people substitute window cleaner for soapy warm water to clean their stainless steel.

      • Avoid polishes that contain wax. They can leave a film on your stainless steel jewelry


      Posted by Ariana Hill on Oct 17,2012
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