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Welcome to our 
Facebook Sweepstakes Winners list for October 2012!

Here is where you will find all those victorious in our noble challenges!


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2. Check our Winners List below. If you see your name or email address on our list – Congratulations! You won!!!

3. If you have won,please Email Us and you will receive a return email with instructions on how to claim your prize.  In the email to us,please include the date you won the sweepstakes. 

4. Remember, you only have 1 week from the date you won to claim your prize, so check back often!

10/31/2012 Maxine Rose                                 Titanium Onyx - Pin it to Win it Winner!
10/31/2012 christinewyatt40210@xxx.com                 Titanium Onyx
10/31/2012 wilsonnlks@xxxx.com                         Titanium Onyx 
10/30/2012 Trevor Bradley                              Blue Diamond Ring Pin It To Win It Winner
10/30/2012 mrscherylgauden@xxx.co.uk                   Blue Diamond 
10/30/2012 nealisyoung@xxx.com                         Blue Diamond 
10/29/2012 Tonya Kinsler                               Shooting Star Earrings - Pin It To Win It
10/29/2012 lbundy2003@xxx.com                          Shooting Star Earrings
10/29/2012 snowbourn74@xxx.com                         Shooting Star Earrings
10/28/2012 Mike Stone                                  Ogre Ring
10/28/2012 Liisa.Cook@xxxx.com                         Ogre Ring
10/28/2012 jenniferbell0@xxxxx.com                     Ogre Ring
10/27/2012 Maria Shaver                                Golden Lava Ring - Pin It To win It Winner
10/27/2012 janesteels123@xxxx.com                      Golden Lava Ring
10/27/2012 level2mommy@xxx.com                         Golden Lava Ring
10/26/2012 Krista MacLeod                              Black Diamond Ring - Pin it to Win it Winner!
10/26/2012 poisonsix9@xxxx.com                         Black Diamond Ring
10/26/2012 devans48603@xxx.com                         Black Diamond Ring
10/25/2012 Travis Dillard                              Mother Of Pearl Tungsten Ring - Pin It To Win It Winner
10/25/2012 hebie@xxxx.com                              Mother Of Pearl Tungsten Ring
10/25/2012 chanceuse23@xxx.com                         Mother Of Pearl Tungsten Ring
10/24/2012 voodooloopylou@xxx.co.uk		       Titanium Onyx Ring
10/24/2012 maryklee@xxx.ca	        	       Titanium Onyx Ring
10/24/2012 Natalie Holland          		       Titanium Onyx Ring - Pin it to Win it Winner
10/23/2012 Melissa Ann                                 Trinity Band Ring - Pin It To Win It Winner
10/23/2012 richard339@bxxxx.com                        Trinity Band Ring 
10/23/2012 hapearson91@xxx.com                         Trinity Band Ring
10/22/2012 Mckendy Fils Aimes                          Oracle Mega Cross Ring - Pin it To Win It Winner
10/22/2012 vivlee101@xxxxx.com                         Oracle Mega Cross Ring
10/22/2012 lisalevesque4@xxxx.com                      Oracle Mega Cross Ring
10/21/2012 Julie Snuffer                               Cardinale Tungsten Ring - Pin It To Win It Winner         
10/21/2012 lori_mark@xxx.ca                            Cardinale Tungsten Ring 
10/21/2012 loriana.carlacchiani@xx.it                  Cardinale Tungsten Ring 
10/20/2012 Leslie Hoosier                              Wedding Band - Pin It To Win It Winner
10/20/2012 hamjenny@xxx.com                            Wedding Band   
10/20/2012 sunshynejo@xxx.ca                           Wedding Band  
10/19/2012 Tiffany Gaskin                              Blue Carbon Ring - Pin It To Win It Wnner         
10/19/2012 thekrazone75@xxx.com                        Blue Carbon Ring
10/19/2012 KimNunez1106@xxx.com                        Blue Carbon Ring
10/18/2012 Rebecca Jackson-Makin                       Shooting Star Earrings - Pin It To Win It Winner
10/18/2012 jannybird227@xxx.com                        Shooting Star Earrings  
10/18/2012 diana_ayres08@xxx.com                       Shooting Star Earrings
10/17/2012 Jennie Hawkins                              Trinity Band Ring - Pin It To Win It Winner
10/17/2012 angiegrohls@xxxx.uk                         Trinity Band Ring
10/17/2012 kayleytregale@xxx.com                       Trinity Band Ring
10/16/2012 Zareen Choudhury                            Blue Diamond Ring - Pin It To Win It Winner
10/16/2012 akritical@xxx.com                           Blue Diamond Ring
10/16/2012 racheljeramie@xxx.com                       Blue Diamond Ring
10/15/2012 Kelly McCutcheon                            Cardinale Tungsten Rings - Pin It To Win It Winner
10/15/2012 doodygirl2007@xxx.co.uk                     Cardinale Tungsten Rings
10/15/2012 freelandjennifer@xx.com                     Cardinale Tungsten Rings
10/14/2012 Eric Silver                                 Mother Of Pearl Ring - Pin It To Win It Winner
10/14/2012 mariaflozza@xx.com                          Mother Of Pearl Ring
10/14/2012 dianecheadle20@xx.com                       Mother Of Pearl Ring
10/13/2012 Nico Accorace                               Oracle Mega Cross Ring
10/13/2012 quickcars20@xxx.com                         Oracle Mega Cross Ring
10/13/2012 janesteels123@xxx.com                       Oracle Mega Cross Ring
10/12/2012 Laurel Klem                                 Red Carbon Ring - Pin It To Win It Winner Ring
10/12/2012 maureencomp16@xxx.com                       Red Carbon Ring 
10/12/2012 srobbo71@xx.com                             Red Carbon Ring  
10/11/2012 Sheri Reeves                                Moon Crest Spinner Ring - Pin It To Win It Winner
10/11/2012 vanessa8610@xxx.com                         Moon Crest Spinner Ring
10/11/2012 kronicwitch@xxx.com                         Moon Crest Spinner Ring    
10/10/2012 Patricia Buckner                            Martini Ring - Pin It To WIn It Winner
10/10/2012 Dmduke2@xx.net                              Martini Ring
10/10/2012 Rosemarychaulk@xxx.com                      Martini Ring 
10/9/2012  Lisa Brandy                                 Evermore Ring - Pin It To Win It Winner 
10/9/2012  lisadsargent@xxxx.com                       Evermore Ring 
10/9/2012 M602@xxxx.com                                Evermore Ring 
10/8/2012 zekthezookeeper@xx.com                       Wedding Band Ring 
10/8/2012 lloyd_jen@xxx.ca                             Wedding Band Ring
10/8/2012 Michaela Britton                             Wedding Band Ring - Pin it to Win it Winner!
10/7/2012 Rachel Ellison                               Mother Of Pearl Ring - Pin It To Win It Winner! 
10/7/2012 vjwoof5@xxx.com                              Mother Of Pearl Ring 
10/7/2012 laurarae2009@xxx.uk                          Mother Of Pearl Ring 
10/6/2012 Cait Duffy                                   Oracle Mega Cross Pin It To Win It Winner!! 
10/6/2012 newrunner08@xx.net                           Oracle mega Cross
10/6/2012 Karenodell487@xxx.com                        Oracle Mega Cross
10/5/2012 msamanie1@xxxx.net                           Red Carbon Ring 
10/5/2012 sweetheartkj@xxx.com                         Red Carbon Ring 
10/5/2012 Janell L Durr                                Red Carbon Ring - Pin it to Win it Winner! 
10/4/2012 swafford.robert@xxx.com                      Moon Crest Black Ring 
10/4/2012 asnodgrass@xxx.com                           Moon Crest Black Ring
10/4/2012 Marguerite Kondroski Chandler                Moon Crest Black Ring - Pin it to Win it Winner! 
10/3/2012 cindya24@xxxx.com                            Martini Ring
10/3/2012 turbulantme@xxxx.com                         Martini Ring 
10/3/2012 Paul Edward Montador from IL                 Martini Ring - Pin it to Win it Winner! 
10/2/2012 cambridge57@xxxx.co.uk                       Blue Magma Ring 
10/2/2012 di.shepherd@xxxx.com                         Blue Magma Ring 
10/2/2012 Richelle Leffler Blue Magma Ring -           Pin it to Win it Winner! 
10/1/2012 jeweledfalls@xxx.com                         Jigsaw Cross Pendant 
10/1/2012 aarondc1975@xxxx.com                         Jigsaw Cross Pendant 
10/1/2012 Allyson Bosrock                              Jigsaw Cross Pendant - Pin it to Win it Winner!

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