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1) On the completion page, click "Invite" at the bottom.  Be sure the box in the upper left says "All Friends".  Then start clicking away! The more you invite, the more will join you and your odds go up EXPONENTIALLY!  Remember to click "Send Requests" at the bottom.  This one action can produce an amazing increase in your bonus entries!

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Previous Winners:

3/15/18 bettyboop4470(at) - $300 Gift Card

2/15/18 Nathalie Dubois - nathdubois(at) - $300 Gift Card

6/21/17 Sandy Lapp  - $150 Gift Card for National Selfie Day Contest

10/15/16 janicerebecca(at) -$300 Gift Card

9/15/16 mfreemanflynn(at) -$300 Gift Card

8/15/16 mcjimsey2(at) - $300 Gift Card

7/15/16 jahala.hill(at) - $300 Gift Card

6/17/16 Dominique Booth - $100 Father's Day Gift Card Contest Winner

6/15/16 timmartinez23(at) - $300 Gift Card

5/27/16 Dan Hollister - Eagle Warrior Ring

5/27/16 Jennifer Hale Stith - Halo Ring

5/15/2016 wsgibbs69(at) - $300 Gift Card

5/6/2016 Sheri Longstaff - $100 Mother's Day Gift Card Contest Winner

4/15/2016 bmtyra(at) -$300 gift Card 

4/5/2016 ekloosterman(at) - $100 Gift Card

3/15/2016 -$300 Gift Card

2/15/2016 markcronier312(at) - $300 Gift Card

1/15/2016 Cheryl Young - Optimum

1/15/2016 Paula McAmis - Optimum

1/15/2016 Ursula Judge - Optimum

1/15/2016 missy_mathea67(at) - $300 Gift Card

12/31/2015 Sandra Walker - Blue Diamond

12/18/2015 Ric Porvasnik - Blue Magma Ring

12/15/2015 mikfawver(at) $300 Gift Card

12/11/2015 Joel A. Rickdal - True Blue Titanium

11/25/2015 Amy Wedde Hedrick - Stack #2

11/25/2015 Nancy Zobject - Stack #1

11/25/2015 Honey Lee Daniels - Stack #3

11/20/2015 Helen P Tsagalas - Aphrodite

11/13/15 Karmalee Young - True Blue Titanium

11/6/2015 Kristie Patterson Parker - Timeless Silver

10/30/2015 Beverly Neffke Griner - Admiration

10/23/2015 Leo Roehl Jr. - Optimum

10/9/2015 Barbara Hurley - Purple Rain
10/2/2015 Donna Wetzel Evans - Wishing Star Necklace
9/25/2015 Linda Noda Treadwell - True Blue Cross
9/18/2015 Sherri Keller - Vortex Ring
9/11/2015 Mariadelcarmen Gomez - Blue Magma Ring

9/4/2015  Patty Tedford Cupples - $100 gift card

9/4/2015  Aleah Lundy - Romantic Notion

8/28/2015 Sara Stokes Harrison - True Blue Titanium

8/28/2015 Jennifer Paul - Timeless Silver

8/24/2015 Ryan Houston - Vitality
8/21/2015 Shannon Grella - Blue Diamond
8/14/2015 Edward C. Tobin - Black Dragon
8/14/2015 Debbie Adams-Rice- Blue Magma
08/12/2015 Liliana Romero Jimenez -Deep Violet Ring

08/07/2015 Heather C. Gomez-Lucero -Oceanic Ring
08/03/2015 Angie Busse Grogan -True Blue Titanium Ring
07/31/2015 Sharon Marie Daniels -$300 gift card
07/31/2015 David M Dabney -Silver Rope Ring
07/30/2015 Stacey Giacosa-Bauer -Blue Diamond Ring
07/29/2015 Dale Smith Jr. -Golden Wired Ring
07/28/2015 Jannet Kwan- Linked in Love Black Ring
07/27/2015 Richard Deyarmond -Blue Roman Ring
07/27/2015 Catt Elizabeth Michrina -Rio Grande Ring
07/27/2015 Dana Monroe -Silver Spark Ring
07/24/2015 Kendra George -Checkmate Ring
07/23/2015 Bob Eckerle - Black Trinity Ring
07/22/2015 Tim Stephens - Blue Magma Ring
07/21/2015 Matt Reid -Chicago Blues
07/20/2015 Debbie Mckean -Aphrodite
07/20/2015 Leanne Murphy -Stratosphere
07/20/2015 Charlene Phinee -Blue Spinner
07/17/2015 Ariel Zoe -Dreamer Ring
07/16/2015 Ruthann Baker -Oceanic Ring
07/15/2015 Joshua Kirkpatrick -Blue Dionysus
07/14/2015 Amanda Rose -Silver Rope ring
07/13/2015 Evelyn Hubbard -Blue Diamond
07/13/2015 Ryan Gan Drennen -Blue Magma
07/13/2015 Mary Phillips -True Blue Titanium
07/10/2015 Rickie Johnson -Black Trinity Ring
07/09/2015 Tammy Lee Stookey -Black Tradition Ring
07/08/2015 Chuck Hackney -Stratosphere Ring
07/07/2015 Renetta Endlich -Lust For Life Ring
07/06/2015 Bren Commacchio (Pinterest) -Aqua Paragon Ring
07/06/2015 Joanna Dawn Smith -Deep Violet Ring
07/06/2015 Kenneth Perry -American Biker Ring
07/06/2015 Megan Werling -Home Of the Brave Ring
07/06/2015 Coleman Jackson -Titanium Onyx Ring
07/06/2015 Erica pearsall (Twitter) Forever In Blue Ring
07/06/2015 Nancy J Montgomery (Instagram) Eternity Ring
07/02/2015 Robbin Maze -Blue Magma
07/01/2015 Terry Vanderpool -$300 GC
07/01/2015 Janet Goodlad -Blue Belle Ring
06/29/2015 Kimbra Vanosdall -Aqua Paragon
06/29/2015 Jennifer Lang -Black Paragon
06/29/2015 Gina Carofigilo -Optimum
06/29/2015 Birdie Skolfield -Persuasion
06/29/2015 Seeya Smith (Twitter) -Nature Dances Ring
06/29/2015 Stacy Giacosa-Bauer (Instagram) -Shooting Stars Ring
06/26/2015 Carla Pulli -Blue Diamond
06/24/2015 Jeanie Bolden -Eternity
06/23/2015 Candace Lynn -Aqua Paragon
06/22/2015 DcBaby Fasho Open Your Heart
06/22/2015 Latifa Belkziz (Twitter) Modern Love Ring
06/22/2015 Paula Walker (Instagram) Forever In Pink Ring
06/21/2015 Jenny Couturier Blue Diamond
06/20/2015 Dia Singh Talisman
06/19/2015 Tinkie Grobler Dreamer
06/18/2015 Jenny Smith Enchantment
06/17/2015 Rosie Wilcock Principessa
06/16/2015 Vicky Moore Aqua-licious
06/15/2015 Monika Knuckey Bewitched
06/14/2015 Janet Cahill Renaud Start Your Engine
06/13/2015 Katherine Puente Blue Diamond
06/12/2015 Bobbie Schanck Blue Belle
06/11/2015 Tonya Predmore Celestial
06/10/2015 Lisa Crystal Elliott Talisman
06/09/2015 Jacquelyn Taylor Aqua Paragon
06/08/2015 Suzanne King (Instagram) Crystal Claret Ring
06/08/2015 April walrath (Twitter) Crystal Happiness Ring
06/08/2015 Anna Sowards-Caruso Optimum Black
06/07/2015 Allison Haapala-Rue Eternity
06/06/2015 Netesa Hall Pink Love
06/05/2015 David Lynch Eternity
06/04/2015 Charissa Seese Aqua Paragon
06/03/2015 Donna Yates Talisman
06/02/2015 Lori Glessner' Olson Blue Belle
06/01/2015 Lolita Apostol Moon Dust
06/01/2015 $300 GC
06/01/2015 Tmarie Horn (Twitter) Frozen Ring
06/01/2015 Barbara Riffe(Instagram) Prima Donna Ring
05/31/2015 Stacey Landise Antonsen Enchantment
05/30/2015 Catherine Sjostrom Blue Ribbon
05/29/2015 Vicki Pella Celestial
05/28/2015 Irene Eckert Bowen Amerikan Biker
05/27/2015 Vicki Morehouse Bewitched
05/26/2015 Lesa Bellisomi Dassori Passion Potion
05/25/2015 Evelyn Park Spaceship Superstar
05/25/2015 Elle J Bennett (Twitter) Aqua Paragon Ring
05/25/2015 Sylver Frost (Instagram) Sapphire Fire Ring
05/24/2015 Peggy Hill Infinitude
05/23/2015 Brenda Mullins Dunn Celestial
05/22/2015 Debra Akers Surprenant Blue Diamond
05/21/2015 Tracy Pedicord Blue Belle
05/20/2015 Erin Merchant Blue Belle
05/19/2015 Eb Trammell Pink Love
05/18/2015 Joti B (Twitter) Blue Belle Ring
05/18/2015 Nicole Corkery (Instagram) Blue Magma Ring
05/17/2015 Krystal Meloche Eternity
05/16/2015 Marvena Dionne Enchantment
05/15/2015 Eric Bishop Optimum Black
05/14/2015 Clementina Di Nardo Open Your Heart
05/13/2015 Brianna Birch Blue Diamond
05/12/2015 Yolie Covarrubias Valentina
05/11/2015 Layla Blu (Twitter) Clearly Love Ring
05/11/2015 Sylver Pagan (Instagram) Enchantment Ring
05/11/2015 Kathy Barbera Blue Belle
05/10/2015 Angel Renee The Chairman
05/09/2015 Narinder Chana Enchantment
05/08/2015 Shari Tinypinky Swift Aqua Paragon
05/07/2015 Joanne Roy A Heart's Promise
05/06/2015 Gwyneth Cba A Heart's Promise
05/05/2015 Sharma Penix Talisman
05/04/2015 Kara (Twitter) Love Honor Cherish Ring
05/04/2015 Donna Brown (Instagram) Everlasting Rose Ring
05/04/2015 Patricia Dixon Eternity
05/03/2015 David DeLuca Moon Dust
05/02/2015 Loretta Shafer Dreamer Ring
05/02/2015 Askley Kimberling Dreamer
05/01/2015 $300 GC
05/01/2015 Wanda Williams Ferrell Aqua Paragon
04/30/2015 Sara Duff Start Your Engine

Previous Winners


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