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Welcome to our 
Facebook Sweepstakes Winners list!  

Here is where you will find all those victorious in our noble challenges!


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4)      Remember, you only have 1 week from the date you won to claim your prize, so check back often!


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Date Winner  Prize


03/31/2014 oceanerin@xxx.com                           $300 Gift Card
03/31/2014 Ernest Martin                               Pink Angel
03/31/2014 Barbara Calder                              Talisman             
03/30/2014 Neet Childers                               Optimum Black
03/30/2014 Alan Negron                                 Black Paragon
03/29/2014 Cindy Conner Bowling                        Black Magma
03/29/2014 Donna Korn Amos                             True Blue Titanium
03/28/2014 Robert Becker                               Blue Magma
03/28/2014 Alan Gravel                                 Blue Diamond
03/27/2014 Jenny Bortell                               Black Magma
03/27/2014 Angila Prom                                 Deep Violet
03/26/2014 Jessica Spenner                             Aqua Paragon
03/26/2014 Ilidio Martins                              Crystal Fortune
03/25/2014 Darlene Blake                               Arctic Frost
03/25/2014 Ciro Manno                                  Eternity
03/24/2014 Hedi Bilo                                   Pink Angel
03/24/2014 Brittany Gibson                             Forever In Pink
03/23/2014 Kevin Boucher                               Valentina
03/23/2014 Judith Neal                                 Vortex
03/22/2014 Judie Bootee Farris                         Forever In Blue
03/22/2014 Sarah Tackett                               Forever In Pink
03/21/2014 Amy Judd Hoffmen                            Black Magma
03/21/2014 AmyJune McClure                             Valentina
03/20/2014 Kevin Peterson                              Aqua Paragon
03/20/2014 Sandy Freund                                Blue Diamond
03/19/2014 Melanie Agnes Müller                        Blue Belle
03/19/2014 Dawn Burns                                  Blue Diamond
03/18/2014 Stacey Graves                               Aqua Paragon
03/18/2014 Lara Patrissi                               Blue Diamond
03/17/2014 Sherrie Morton                              Eternity
03/17/2014 Moe Bwell                                   Arctic Frost
03/16/2014 Chandra Burford                             Black Paragon
03/16/2014 Alessandro Valsecchi                        Optimum Black
03/15/2014 Stephanie E Jenkins                         Pink Love
03/15/2014 April Pigueiras                             Forever In Pink
03/14/2014 Martha Boismier                             All You Need Is Love
03/14/2014 Angie Hayes                                 Crossroads Gold
03/13/2014 Kathryn Rizor                               Blue Magma
03/13/2014 Denise Girard                               True Blue Titanium
03/12/2014 Robin Ruetz-Ashburn                         Black Magma
03/12/2014 Rosella Martin                              Love Honor & Cherish
03/11/2014 Nancy Weyers                                Eternity
03/11/2014 Carolyn Erhart                              Arctic Frost
03/10/2014 Milissa Reyes                               Moon Dust
03/10/2014 Janice Reilly                               Talisman
03/09/2014 K Dharshana DE Silva                        Shootings Stars Ring
03/09/2014 Stacy Doxtador                              Eternity
03/08/2014 Linda Riffle                                Aqua Paragon
03/08/2014 Rodney Moore Sr.                            Crystal Fortune
03/07/2014 Denise Heafer                               Black Paragon
03/07/2014 Harsha Lakmal                               Optimum Black
03/06/2014 Maduwanthi Karunarathne                     Forever In Pink
03/06/2014 Donna Paice                                 Forever In Blue
03/05/2014 Verr Ückt                                   Black Magma
03/05/2014 Uwe Hättig                                  Blue Magma
03/04/2014 Garnet Leib                                 Aqua Paragon
03/04/2014 Nancy Jay Haswell                           Blue Diamond
03/03/2014 Tina Peek-steele                            Pretty In Pink
03/03/2014 Indrani Edirisinghe                         Blue Bayou
03/02/2014 Mike Van Winkle                             Blue Magma
03/02/2014 Melissa Fae Rowe Houghtaling                Pink Angel
03/01/2014 Mike Justice                                Blue Magma
03/01/2014 Marjorie Bryson                             Valentina
02/28/2014 Judy Pfoh                                   Forever In Pink
02/28/2014 Tiffany Joliat                              Pink Angel
02/28/2014 olesonkim@xxx.com                           $300 GC
02/27/2014 Dolores Miranda                             Forever In Pink
02/27/2014 Stewart C Miller                            Forever In Blue
02/26/2014 Lisa Harrison                               Eternity
02/26/2014 Michelle Parmer                             Shooting Stars Ring
02/25/2014 Cindy Coer                                  Linked in Love Black
02/25/2014 Josephine Sowinski                          Blue Magma
02/24/2014 Sherry Lampinen                             Blue Diamond 
02/24/2014 Manu Ela                                    Blue Belle
02/23/2014 Shannon Stidham                             Eternity
02/23/2014 Ralph Gonzales                              Black Magma
02/22/2014 Sharon Ekstrand Cameron                     Talisman
02/22/2014 Robert Brian Crockett Sr.                   Moon Dust
02/21/2014 Annick Custeau                              Persuasion
02/21/2014 Connie Hanlon                               Love Honor & Cherish
02/20/2014 Audrey Merrill Golden                       Crystal Fortune
02/20/2014 Vikki Billings                              Aqua Paragon
02/19/2014 Barbara Frost                               Optimum Black
02/19/2014 Menuka Sandamali                            Black Paragon
02/18/2014 Vickie Towne                                Optimum Black
02/18/2014 Ophe Zumachund                              Blue Magma
02/17/2014 Donna Cowart Oubre                          Persuasion
02/17/2014 Cindi Hoppes                                Artic Frost
02/16/2014 Elaine Robinson                             Talisman
02/16/2014 Heidi Gagliardi                             Pink Angel
02/15/2014 Lia Gray                                    Deep Violet
02/15/2014 Miyuki Sia                                  Black Paragon
02/14/2014 Crystal Bailey                              Valentina
02/14/2014 Linda En Sander Striekwold                  Vortex
02/13/2014 Kristina Tate-Swint                         Pink Angel
02/13/2014 Cass Sudduth                                Forever In Pink
02/12/2014 Linda Yilek Meyer                           Optimum Black
02/12/2014 Sabrina Dunphy                              Crystal Fortune
02/11/2014 Kevin Bautista                              Aqua Paragon
02/11/2014 Jonathan Taylor                             Blue Bayou 
02/10/2014 Julius Yuth Rosel                           Blue Diamond
02/10/2014 Peti Trachermi                              Aqua Paragon
02/09/2014 Betty Ko                                    Forever In Pink 
02/09/2014 Mary Vantil                                 Forever In Blue
02/08/2014 Mike Sharon West                            Love Takes Flight
02/08/2014 Samantha Jo Boswell-Rye                     Infinite Fire
02/07/2014 Tawnda Magargal                             True Blue Titanium
02/07/2014 Melita Sayo                                 Blue Magma
02/06/2014 Jolene Garcia                               Persuasion
02/06/2014 Charlain Sue Sebastianelli-carver           Admiration
02/05/2014 Patricia Riles                              Talisman
02/05/2014 Jason Watson                                Moondust 
02/04/2014 Linda Steele                                Aqua Paragon
02/04/2014 Crystal Kolocheski                          Crystal Fortune
02/03/2014 Josephine Caño Reyes                        Black Paragon
02/03/2014 James Kennedy                               Black Tungsten Spinner
02/02/2014 Gloria J Tiner                              Persuasion
02/02/2014 Susan Kopp                                  Arctic Frost
02/01/2014 Brenda Foskey                               Aqua Paragon
02/01/2014 Libby Rawle                                 Blue Bayou
01/31/2014 Eisne_8@hotmail.com                         $300 GC
01/31/2014 Ivan Kiskinov                               Pink Angel
01/31/2014 Lyn Wiskin                                  Talisman
01/30/2014 Bonnie Lee Comeau                           Vortex
01/30/2014 Valerie May                                 Valentina
01/29/2014 Naome Orellosa Daligdig                     Deep Violet Ring
01/29/2014 Martin Zich                                 Black Tungsten Spinner
01/28/2014 Brice Smith                                 Black Paragon
01/28/2014 Morten Rene Ernst                           Black Tungsten Spinner
01/27/2014 Lynnette Palmer                             Blue Diamond
01/27/2014 Carol Hall                                  Blue Belle
01/26/2014 Susie King                                  Forever In Pink
01/26/2014 Karin Raaijmakers                           Pink Angel
01/25/2014 Rhonda Rickerson                            Forever In Pink
01/25/2014 Cheryl Young                                Forever In Blue
01/24/2014 Lee Lamont                                  Admiration
01/24/2014 Trish Wild                                  Persuasion
01/23/2014 Chastity Crocker                            Blue Belle
01/23/2014 Tracy Perry                                 Blue Diamond
01/22/2014 Martin Baier                                Aqua Paragon
01/22/2014 Fonda Feathers                              Blue Diamond
01/21/2014 Janet Miller                                Blue Belle
01/21/2014 Greg Daust                                  Blue Diamond 
01/20/2014 Linda Winegardner                           Talisman
01/20/2014 Dilys Ryan                                  Moon Dust
01/19/2014 Jaden Johansen                              Vitality
01/19/2014 Linda Therrien                              Shooting Stars Ring
01/18/2014 Patricia Sadler                             Aqua Paragon
01/18/2014 Lila Johnson                                Crystal Fortune
01/17/2014 Christine Stinnett Cross                    Black Paragon
01/17/2014 Jan Pilster-dellarosa                       Black Tungsten Spinner
01/16/2014 Alton J Godfrey                             Aqua Paragon
01/16/2014 Sophie Gagné                                Blue Diamond
01/15/2014 Dan Du                                      Pink Angel
01/15/2014 Susan A Maulden                             Talisman
01/14/2014 Cassie Gilbreath                            Black Tungsten Spinner
01/14/2014 Bellinda Pillsbury                          Deep Violet
01/13/2014 Marcob Concorsi                             Black Tungsten Spinner
01/13/2014 Radhika Lalman                              Black Paragon
01/12/2014 John Matson                                 Vortex
01/12/2014 Eva Forner                                  Valentina
01/11/2014 Claudia Glover                              Forever In Pink
01/11/2014 Judy Myers                                  Pink Angel
01/10/2014 Nida Akbar                                  Crystal Fortune
01/10/2014 Robyn Gottschalk                            Aqua Paragon
01/09/2014 Vernafae Bellie                             Blue Belle
01/09/2014 Vicki Demunck                               Blue Diamond
01/08/2014 Abrar Nader                                 Forever In Blue
01/08/2014 Daniela Scharinger                          Forever In Pink
01/07/2014 Niki Elmer                                  Admiration
01/07/2014 Beth Wilson                                 Persuasion
01/06/2014 Dianne Guerard                              Aqua Paragon
01/06/2014 Felicia Kittle-Adkins                       Blue Diamond
01/05/2014 Joey Glenn                                  Admiration
01/05/2014 Kaitlin Suzanne Shimmel                     Persuasion
01/04/2014 Carolyn Trent                               Shooting Stars Ring
01/04/2014 Rick Dickinson                              Vitality
01/03/2014 Judie Huntz-Dyson                           Blue Diamond
01/03/2014 Angie Bailey                                Blue Belle
01/02/2014 Vaughnie Lott                               Moondust 
01/02/2014 Ananda Ganesh                               Talisman
01/01/2014 Scott Certain                               Crystal Fortune
01/01/2014 Simar Chugh                                 Aqua Paragon

12/31/2013 mintab@xxx.com $300 GC 12/31/2013 Terri Barbosa Persuasion 12/31/2013 Rita Watterson Admiration 12/30/2013 Raven Serenity Roche Blue Diamond 12/30/2013 Becky Griffin Aqua Paragon 12/29/2013 Andy Fox Black Tungsten Spinner 12/29/2013 Malinda Gaskin Black Paragon 12/28/2013 Momoko Lee Persuasion 12/28/2013 Donna Covic Arctic Frost 12/27/2013 Renee Scott Saunders Love Takes Flight 12/27/2013 Chris Jeans Infinite Fire 12/26/2013 Cassandra Cap Marquez Pink Angel 12/26/2013 Julie Simpson Talisman 12/25/2013 Glenda Collins Deep Violet 12/25/2013 Michael Meador Black Tungsten Spinner 12/24/2013 Shelia Taylor Avery Crystal Fortune 12/24/2013 Kaly Sullivan Aqua Paragon 12/23/2013 Trisha Park Vitality 12/23/2013 Brandy Rhodes Shooting Stars Ring 12/22/2013 Joyce Hudson Forever In Pink 12/22/2013 Shelly Day Forever In Blue 12/21/2013 Christina Ann Dollinger Aqua Paragon 12/21/2013 Rachel Shafer Mormino Blue Diamond 12/20/2013 Cathy Mitchum Gaskins Aqua Paragon 12/20/2013 Angela M. Bruscato Crystal Fortune 12/19/2013 Amber Leib Blue Diamond 12/19/2013 Teresa Geerts Blue Belle 12/18/2013 Maura Moschella Talisman 12/18/2013 Lee Ann Marie Harrison Moondust 12/17/2013 Carol Throckmorton Infinite Fire 12/17/2013 Robert LaCount Love Takes Flight 12/16/2013 Michael Skiles Admiration 12/16/2013 Cathy Varner Persuasion 12/15/2013 Steve Hicks Aqua Paragon 12/15/2013 Kel Munroe Crystal Fortune 12/14/2013 Charles N. Burnett Jr. Blue Diamond 12/14/2013 Juliet Aban Aqua Paragon 12/13/2013 Pat Wheeler Blue Bayou 12/13/2013 Dia Cook Crystal Blue Sea 12/12/2013 Shawn Young Persuasion 12/12/2013 Katie Hudnut Arctic Frost 12/11/2013 Judy Clark Bradley Pink Angel 12/11/2013 Margie Becker Talisman 12/10/2013 Belinda Williams Valentina 12/10/2013 Stell Salt Vortex 12/09/2013 Angela Reed-Warren Deep Violet 12/09/2013 Karen Roberts Black Tungsten Spinner 12/08/2013 Sujay Koner Forever In Pink 12/08/2013 Barbara Taylor Pink Angel 12/07/2013 Brandy Johnson Crystal Fortune 12/07/2013 Charise Melvin Aqua Paragon 12/06/2013 Liz Reynolds Crystal Fortune 12/06/2013 Tamara 'Tammy' Davis Rupp Aqua Paragon 12/05/2013 Elaine Boyd Crystal Fortune 12/05/2013 Jennifer Wiltermuth Aqua Paragon 12/04/2013 Angela Williamson Persuasion 12/04/2013 Barb Mccoy Admiration 12/03/2013 Amanda Chaney Vitality 12/03/2013 Loretta Blodgett Burress Shooting Stars Ring 12/02/2013 Teresa Ann Forever In Pink 12/02/2013 Donna K Sites Forever In Blue 12/01/2013 cjacobson@xxx.net $300 Gift Card 12/01/2013 Terry Carr Crystal Fortune 12/01/2013 Jane Janey Aqua Paragon 11/30/2013 Kathy Mirabella Talisman 11/30/2013 Karen Mayernick Moondust 11/29/2013 Mickey Harvey Brooke Admiration 11/29/2013 Eva Stephens Persuasion 11/28/2013 Trinity A Hyttinen Crystal Fortune 11/28/2013 Linda Levesque Aqua Paragon 11/27/2013 Barbara Page Black Paragon 11/27/2013 Katie Achey Black Tungsten Spinner 11/26/2013 Darleen Gilliam Fulgham Arctic Frost 11/26/2013 Marie Blanchard Myziuk Persuasion 11/25/2013 Laura Barnhart Blue Bayou 11/25/2013 Marie Cote Crystal Blue Sea 11/24/2013 Linda L. Sims Talisman 11/24/2013 Jennifer Sitz Moondust 11/23/2013 Jacqueline Brouwer Valentina 11/23/2013 Darlene Roff Vortex 11/22/2013 Debra Graham Blue Belle 11/22/2013 Johnna Maselli Blue Diamond 11/21/2013 Laura Lanza Talisman 11/21/2013 Susie Q Davis Moondust 11/20/2013 Janine Melling Love Takes Flight 11/20/2013 Michelle Edwards-Kidd Infinite Fire 11/19/2013 Heather A Hutchens Aqua Paragon 11/19/2013 Kevin Doherty Blue Diamond 11/18/2013 Anne Lapointe Pink Angel 11/18/2013 Lisa Mummyofseven Prince Pretty In Pink 11/17/2013 Debbie Williscroft Vitality 11/17/2013 Sherry Fann Shooting Stars Ring 11/16/2013 Diana Crump Crystal Fortune 11/16/2013 Shani Schulman Aqua Paragon 11/15/2013 Deanna Williams Fow Talisman 11/15/2013 Dennis Halopka Moondust 11/14/2013 Kitty Kandy Forever In Pink 11/14/2013 Sammi Lyne Forever In Blue 11/13/2013 Lisa A Baker Blue Diamond 11/13/2013 Janet Laczko Blue Belle 11/12/2013 Shirley O'Flynn Persuasion 11/12/2013 Connie Baker Admiration 11/11/2013 Marguerite Summers Shooting Stars Ring 11/11/2013 James Gill Vitality 11/10/2013 Jo-Anne Pfoh Pink Angel 11/10/2013 Jeannine Smyth Talisman 11/09/2013 Sammi Doulgas Blue Diamond 11/09/2013 Carol Guthrie Blue Belle 11/08/2013 Laura Olivia Cox-Johnston Forever In Blue 11/08/2013 Tammy Reedy Forever In Pink 11/07/2013 April Hoch Aqua Paragon 11/07/2013 Holly Worster Blue Diamond 11/06/2013 Bobbi Shelton Crystal Blue Sea 11/06/2013 Debra L. Smith Blue Bayou 11/05/2013 Connie Yost Vitality 11/05/2013 Karen Early-horne Shooting Stars Ring 11/04/2013 Diane Smed Edwards Black Tungsten Spinner 11/04/2013 Sharon Reese Morgan Black Paragon 11/03/2013 Bhavna Rambhia Arctic Frost 11/03/2013 Becky Horn Persuasion 11/02/2013 Lealha Vera Shirkey Talisman 11/02/2013 Carmen Woody Pink Angel 11/01/2013 Wilson.tracey22@xxx.com Forever In Blue 11/01/2013 Hollyhobbie6351@xxx.com Forever In Pink 10/31/2013 tweety800265@xxx.com Blue Diamond 10/31/2013 savinsister@xxx.com Blue Belle 10/30/2013 patdelgado613@xxx.com Aqua Paragon 10/30/2013 belairbelle2@xxx.com Blue Diamond 10/29/2013 cep031974@xxx.com Crystal Fortune 10/29/2013 lcloutier13@xxx.com Aqua Paragon 10/28/2013 sestaksue@xxx.com Love Honor & Cherish 10/28/2013 julie_tardi@xxx.com Black Tungsten Spinner 10/27/2013 alanskeans11@xxx.com Valentina 10/27/2013 bhtarumi@xxx.com Vortex 10/26/2013 jcrawley@xxx.com Pink Angel 10/26/2013 eljpina@xxx.com Forever In Pink 10/25/2013 strictlylucky@xxx.com Vitality 10/25/2013 starofthenight12@xxx.com Shootings Stars Ring 10/24/2013 bk_hebert@xxx.com Silver Dust 10/24/2013 sumack@xxx.com Talisman 10/23/2013 gleib@xxx.com Blue Diamond 10/23/2013 bobd1952@xxx.com Blue Belle 10/22/2013 swarren925@xxx.com Aqua Paragon 10/22/2013 iluvtombrady@xxx.com Blue Diamond 10/21/2013 lostboyz70x@xxx.com Blue Bayou 10/21/2013 Daynamaria@xxx.com Crystal Blue Sea 10/18/2013 rebel_rose@xxx.com Arctic Frost 10/18/2013 crazycoolfun@xxx.com Persuasion 10/17/2013 sierra0278@xxx.com Crystal Claret 10/17/2013 luckywins2@xxx.com Aqua Paragon 10/16/2013 sarasmom1998@xxx.com Crystal Fortune 10/16/2013 jannajanna@xxx.com Aqua Paragon 10/15/2013 ChefmanRussell@xxx.com Pink Angel 10/15/2013 lucamalimpensa@xxx.com Talisman 10/14/2013 lunaathena12@xxx.com Forever In Pink 10/14/2013 sweepscat713@xxx.com Pink Angel 10/13/2013 lisamcf72@xxx.com Black Tungsten Spinner 10/13/2013 JEDW94@xxx.com Deep Violet 10/12/2013 dmwsmiley@xxx.com Blue Diamond 10/12/2013 bethlego@xxx.com Blue Belle 10/11/2013 RuthiePople@xxx.com Nordic Ice Princess 10/11/2013 ashleybsweeps@xxx.com Pretty In Pink 10/10/2013 hebie@xxx.com Pink Angel 10/10/2013 Tammy09132004@xxx.com Forever In Pink 10/09/2013 Amyparille@xxx.com Vitality 10/09/2013 tcjr74@xxx.com Shootings Stars Ring 10/08/2013 texasgirl@xxx.com Love, Honor and Cherish 10/08/2013 tweety800265@xxx.com Black Tungsten Spinner 10/07/2013 susanharrison_51@xxx.com Valentina 10/07/2013 littlesillysally@xxx.com Vortex 10/06/2013 hebie@xxx.com Talisman 10/06/2013 raghuraman.lakshmi@xxx.com Silver Dust 10/05/2013 eddiem11@xxx.com Blue Diamond 10/05/2013 sowega31707@xxx.com Blue Belle 10/04/2013 joyce55baker@xxx.com Crystal Fortune 10/04/2013 markkenell@xxx.com Aqua Paragon


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