The Origins of Jewelry As We Know It Today

The Origins of Jewelry As We Know It Today

Do you want to learn something fun about jewelry? The first evidence of jewelry came from Africa. There were beads found made from the shells of snails. Imagine them catching snails and making beads from their shells. Historically, jewelry was used in trade and was a status symbol of wealth. Jewelry has come along way from being a trade item or status symbol. Jewelry represents not only a gift, but a symbol of relationships and momentous events. It can make any occasion that much brighter.

My mother gave me my grandmother’s wedding ring as a keepsake when I moved out the country. It was a simple band of copper, but it’s sentimental value didn’t have a price. I keep it out of remembrance of her. It’s amazing how a piece of jewelry can become an heirloom. A diamond ring can be handed down from generation to generation. Jewelry is much more than the material it’s made from. Jewelry is like a timepiece marking different points in our lives. Just think about it! Engagement rings, wedding bands, and anniversary rings mark the passage of a relationship. Mother’s get pendants and bracelets to mark the birth of their children. Birthstones mark the month we were born in.

Jewelry takes many beautiful forms and hundreds of meanings. The right piece can last a lifetime and be given to the next generation. A simple band of copper can have a world of meaning. Please take a look at the wide selection rings available online and find a piece that will be memorable to you! Check them out on ou Jewelry Store.

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